Completed EEK DV Signature PC Rt view 282x300
NZXT Vulcan fan side 298x398
Proud to be an AMD Solution Provider Member
Corsair C70 drab green side 400x358

We also did the cool logo and graphics on this case and can do that for you too should you wish it!

AMD Business Class_Logo


Asus F2A85-M Pro Motherboard - 120mm SH Cooler 400x264

We are proud to be an AMD Partner. We only sell and support AMD based hardware! Why? While Intel is currently the performance leader with it’s i7 CPU line and Intel ONLY chipsets. Intel is a company with very poor ethics. The largest lawsuit in history was won by AMD against Intel due to massive illegal business practices all over the world. Intel still continues to make insider deals with big OEMs, still continues to push it’s competition around such as with NVidia where Intel refused to allow NVidia to make competing chipsets for Intel’s latest CPU line (i3, i5 & i7). NVidia is now pursuing the largest lawsuit in history against Intel and if victorious could walk away with as much as 4 billion in damage reparations...

The other side of the coin is that AMD makes the best price to power to toughness to longevity ratio computing foundations in the world. AMD’s “Fusion” platform (shown below with Asus F2A85-M Pro motherboard) is a tour de force of quad core & video muscle, all build right into the CPU now called an “APU”. AMD has equipped their latest A10-6800K with very fast, tough “Piledriver” cores similar to the Server cores found in the latest “Opteron” CPU for Servers. These APUs are fast, muscular, have gameable video controller built right in with the CPU, are energy efficient and cool running...

In our mind AMD is an honest to goodness computing value with low cost yet lots of processing muscle. That’s why every system we build includes the very best Motherboards, Memory, Coolers,Cases, Power Supplies & fans.s

This very cool WWII style Corsair C70 chassis based system was another celebrity project system for an author who specialized in military strategy books with a twist... Very fitting for this author! Those orange fans are 300,000 hr. MTBF rated Cougar 120mm fans

A10 Elite Badge 94x80
A10 Mantle Badge 94x80
MSI A88XM Gaming MoBo 400x301

We use the finest aerospace thermal paste money can by to mount the APU cooler. Memory, coolers and video cards are color matched to the system where ever possible.

Our portable “LanBoy” chassis (above) is one of the lightest, best ventilated chassis to be had and it’s pretty cool looking.

We also do Celebrity systems such as the EE Knight (Vampire Earth series) signature system, featuring a real K&N air filter and 6 core CPU...

In fact we will do custom systems for anyone who desires the finest computing platforms to be had in the world... No kidding!

We’re pretty much 100% Asus for Motherboards & Optical drives but every now and again we gotta break our norms when MSI decides to produce something so very fine. In this case MSI made the “A88XM Gaming” motherboard, mixed with the AMD “Kaveri” A10-7850K APU and 8GB of DDR3 2400 and you’ve got the basis for a VERY nice entry level Gaming Rig that is capable in pretty much anything you want to do. Even if you are not into gaming this foundation is perfect. This motherboard features some of the best components we’ve seen from mil spec, solid core capacitors to South Bridge Heat Sink, Sound Blaster Audio with a small integrated amplifier for a VERY nice audio experience...

Apex DM-387 mATX Corporate Chassis 270x373

The Apex “Super Case” is probably the best low cost mATX case there is and best of all, the two high performance cores noted above fit right in and work so good. You can even fit a BU drive & an SSD in!

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ASUS MX299Q Ultra Wide 29 - Win7-64 Ultimate Desktop

Of course it doesn't hurt any system to have a breathe taking display or two to oggle during work, play and entertainment... Asus has these amazing Ultra Wide 29” displays that are beautiful, make your Win7 or 8 desktop look incredible and constantly  invite you in to do more... Its kinda like have two displays but with no partition down the middle. 2560 x 1080 display resolution not for every system but every one of our workstations supports this resolution as well as the new 4K resolutions which are a bit more demanding of your GPU... No Problemo for us!

BTW, two of these together is like having 3 to 4 displays worth of screen real estate up so you can have 3 applications running side by side... I like to have a movie running via iTunes stand alone player window on the far right... Looks and works so good!

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Asus ROG G74SX - 17.3 inch Gaming Notebook 500x338
AMD Partner Program Select SYSTEM BUILDER 300x113

AMD Laptops can be the best dollar value in the speedy, high performance Professional, Developer, Gaming laptop genre. Add an SSD to any laptop and at least 8GB of memory for years of mobile computing enjoyment! It’s only $300 extra bucks to have us install SSD, 8GB Memory and a from scratch install of Win7-64 Pro or Win8-64 Pro, perfectly configured with everything - best configurations on the planet!